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Оригинальный сообщение: David Bishop ,


If you spill any liquid onto the Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard, you have a ZERO chance of taking it apart successfully, due to the fact that if by some miracle you were able to use a hair drier to heat the bottom white plastic and pry it off of the aggressive adhesive from the spacebar to function-key side without bending the metal sheet fasted to the plastic bottom or the opposing metal sheet and aluminum keyboard frame, you will find that the upper metal frame holding all the keys is spot-welded to the aluminum frame with 147 individual spot welds.

The only way to possibly resurrect this keyboard is to soak it with vigorous agitation immersed in 2-3 changes of STEAM DISTILLED water (not reverse osmosis or filtered water that still contains salts).  Drain off the water, carefully swing the keyboard around outside to centrifuge out as much of the distilled water as possible, and then set it on something warm with the keys side up for a day or two to completely dry it out.  This way you rinse out all conductive salts, and dry out all moisture, which could cause oxidation and conductive corrosion.  Even better if you have a friend who works in a lab, put it in a vacuum drying oven at very low heat overnight or in a freeze drier overnight.  Good Luck.