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Azaria Kelman that is a really good question. For me it all comes down to this. Knowledge is power,so if I posses some knowledge about a certain topic, and I create a guide, or answer a specific question, I share this knowledge. This will enable that particular person to be empowered.To be empowered to accomplish a specific task, provides one with a sense of fulfilment, accomplishment and pride. In other words, it makes you feel good about yourself (bet that works on the dopamine receptors in our brains:-). Now, and this is an important step, if there is no feedback, this feeling will eventually dissipate and participation will decrease. Just like with anything else in this world, it pays to say thank you, or on here, to upvote and/or to accept an answer, shows appreciation. We all have to be in agreement, it is a great feeling to be appreciated. I am convinced it makes a difference, at least to one person. The one that asked the question and got an answer that worked. Or for the person that needed a guide to fix his/her device and found it on here, it sure makes a difference. This is the principle of "paying it forward" and I do try to live by that.

There are no monetary or other tangible incentives but you get to "hang out" with cool people like










and many many more....;-)