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Оригинальный сообщение: Jimfixer ,


Ive only been with the site for a little over the year as a regular contributor  but have been using the site for years . I never remembering my user name from visit to visit when asking questions so always made new ones . I was introduced to ifixit because i needed to get into my sons iphone 4 back in 2011 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULSUuWlo9Lw|this video] was my introduction to ifixit .I actually ordered the kit mentioned in the video . I was a fan of MJ and enjoyed using the videos to educate me in apple repair. I have received so much from this site that a while back I decided to help out and have been at it ever since. I find it a nice way to unwind . It also keeps my mind sharp and helps to teach me new things . My knowledge of Macs is such that at work Im the go to guy but on this site I yield to more knowledgeable folk like @mayer and @danj I read their solutions and it enhances my knowledge of mac for work .I am also constantly amazed by the manuals that @oldturkey03 can come up with and if you need a manual hes defiantly the King of manuals. It truly is a global community as well @refectio @lpfaff1 and me are from Canada  , @jayeff and @benjamen50  are from Australia, @zfix  is from Bulgaria and he has a great teardown channel on youtube , @rany  is from Lebanon . So you can get to meet with people from all over the world

As far as incentive the ifixit staff do throw swag our way from time to time as a thank you, which is nice, and @kaykay is the Queen of swag(Community and Outreach Manager ). So Azaria if you have the knowledge and skill to help hop in and lend a hand .Take criticism from the higher ups as them wanting to help you provide the best answer possible but most importantly have fun helping out. Hope to see you around the form