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Thanks is the proximity sensor on the back of the case ?  are is it on the front of the case where the screen side is?  we bought what we thought was a proximity sensor to replace the old one with, but it did not help...  we changed the screen cause it was cracked but we bought the whole front piece with the screen on it cause that was easier to change that way.. but since day one of changing it over to the new one,  every time now we try and make a call or receive a call the screen goes black till we click on the power button to bring the screen back from dark to where we then can see who is calling...etc.

could we of left off something that makes the proximity sensor work from changing the front case with the screen ?  but if is the back part of the case where the power button is that has the sensor then we did not mess with anything there to cause this problem... here is a photo  of the one we bought to make sure this is the proximity sensor.....  And also people keep mentioning a rubber piece that holds the sensor into place where is that rubber piece located at.... And again thank you for your help it sure is appreciated ..