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Hello and  good afternoon to all, just wanted to let you all now that unfortunately I had all of the above troubles with my Acer V5-751.

non of all the solutions did work I was for 4 days disassembling and reassembling it to try all the solutions that have been stated on this chat. thanks any way to all off you.

the way I did solve my problem ( the fact that I get the message " operating system not found" and no way to enter the bios or to boot from cd-rom/DVD / USB new blank HDD or with OS on it did not work. so I was left with a laptop not booting any more !! the chance wanted that my brother in law had a ASUS x551 with windows 8-1 originaly installed from manufacture. the think is that both of them to replace the HDD need to be disassembled completely so I said what the heyk one more time !! so I put the hdd of the Asus in the Acer and what do you know it started !! w8 tuck  3-4 minutes to configure the new hardware ! and boot correctly so I made the change to do the boot in bios. I restarded in bios change it to legasy and replace the hdd Asus with a new SSD with w10 installed on it ( wich by the way did not want to boot in the previous situation, THIS TIME did boot !!

thanks to all ! Ciao