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This is a very "popular" problem with the ZD7000 with go5700 128MB.

Essentially, it starts with weird artifacts showing up on your screen

from time to time. Then a few times the screen doesn't come up during

boot. Then finally, the screen just DIES, even though you can see everything from an external monitor. HP has not, and will not admit this is a problem.Check to se if its operational on external monitor.. If so it could be the backlight or inverter. I' start with the inverter. You might also try to reseat the connection under the bezel just past the volume control buttons and see if that works.Between the volume control buttons and the display, there is the connection to the display and the motherboard. You remove the upper 2 screws in the back and the screws under the zd in relation to the cover that has the blue buttons on it, then open your screen until it's horizontal, then gently pry the plastic cover with the blue buttons up from the back and push it towards the back until it comes off. Bear in mind that everything is fragile,anything you break is your own doing. You should see, if you managed to do everything correctly, a cable with a plastic handle just past the F5-F8 buttons. That would be the cable that the screen plugs into the motherboard. Just take it off and then put it back on making sure that it is correctly seated. http://www.techsupportforum.com/hardware-support/laptop-support/115780-looking-help-hp-pavilion-zd7000-laptop.html Let us know how you are progressing...goodluck