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Оригинальный сообщение: Karen ,


Daughter has Xbox one.

For the last few months controllers randomly disconnect....... then re connects?   When the controllers came back on they've froze.  So  the batteries have to come out and go back in, to un freeze the controller .   This happened again and again usually it's every few minuets.

Happens more on games than apps.

Bought a new controller, thinking that was the problem.  No.  Same thing happened.

So after reading some posts online, we decided to move the Xbox one a meter or so to the right of where it would usually be.  (moved it as far as the wire would let us away from plug sockets and sound bars etc)

Reason we moved it was because the area it was in had many wires.  T.V.  Xbox360  skyHD box

*There is also a sound bar in that area  and the sub woofer sits on the floor near the plug sockets, electrical extention.

Any how, we moved the Xbox One away from all the wires and sound bar.  WORKS A TREAT :) , she tried out her older controller.  Works great.

All I can say is magnetic fields!