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Оригинальный сообщение: Ron Mexico ,


So I've done this 3 times now,  don't ask. First time, my PC wouldn't read phone the phone at all.  No clue, computer stupid,  and I tripped over a  pop up window from my AVG ant-virus that showed  the  different drivers  and  connections. Maybe 5 total, and only 1 was connected.  Again, computer dumb but I was able to  adjust some settings in the antivirus and firewall, color coordinated. I deleted and reinstalled the apps/drivers, thinking that maybe they weren't fully able to down load because of the security settings. This time (2) it connected  PC and mobile instantly.. Now, I'm attempting my 3rd and 4th try.  I reinstalled everything but there's no connection again, and I can't find that magical  pop up window either. I know nothing about anti-viruses, does any of this make sense?  All my apps, including drivers are from the HTC website so it's legit, I can t get my PC to allow any of them to download fully either.  Antivirus won't allow