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The problem may be that the motherboard power section is not recognizing either power adapter correctly.  You can check the BIOS settings, if there is a problem on the motherboard the power adapter will show up as 1 watt instead of 60 or 90 watt.  The built in diagnostics might give you more information.  You should also check the power connector, it should not move; if it does it could be loose enough that the contacts don't match up.

The laptop generally needs 60 watts of power to run all the installed devices.  If you have a dock, it requires an additional 20 -30 watts to run the devices in the dock.  Plugging a 90 watt power adapter into the dock will result in one or more devices connected through the dock to not work, most cases it is the external video that does not work.  Plugging a 130 watt power adapter to the laptop will not hurt the laptop as the laptop will only draw the power it needs to operate.