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Here is generic guide for water damage repair hope this can help.

Quickly take out your device from water.

Power off /shut down your device and remove battery.

Dis assemble device if you can or if you have little skill then just remove back cover.

Now hold the device firmly as it is wet and then shake and jerk the device so that liquid can come out of your device.

Don’t use hair drier as it can heat up and can melt soldering.

Now put your device at some place for 24 to 48 hours to completely dried out. And if water is entered inside logic board then wait for 72 hours to completely dried out.  And you don’t want to wait for such long time then dis assemble the device completely and rub entire logic board with soft cotton or brush and use alcohole or propelyne or any logic board circuit cleaner advisable for electronics component. This can remove any corrosion on circuit board.

Now assemble the device and power on it.