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Step one of transmission diagnosis is fluid level and condition.  See your owners manual for how to check it.

There's a maint interval listed in the same manual, hopefully youve been following it.  If not, bring it up date.

Changing the fluid  with the correct fluid listed in the manual usually never hurts unless your tranny is totally worn out (and near death anyway).

If general, I prefer to drop the pan and change the pan gasket (and maybe the filter depending on the vehicle).  Dropping the pan allows you totally wipe the dirt out of it, and they fluid usually comes out a lot cleaner than it does with a flush.

I suggest asking oldturkey03 where the "band adjustment" is on your accord tranny (sarcasm).  That guy has no business giving advice.  He just googled some crap.  Check elsewhere on the net, iatn.net or honda and accord forums for more accurate info (or ask a real honda expert).   These 98-2005 accord V6 are known for tranny probs.

Oldturkey should also tell you how many torque converters that he's seen go bad, because in all my years as a mechanic i've never had to replace one.