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Оригинальный сообщение: Nugroho Widi ,


In my case this is something about Sleep function and Power

First case, somehow it thinks it cannot wake up because of there is no power (but in fact Power is available). So solution is restart using Power down for 15 seconds, or combination Power and Windows button.

Or else really no power below 5 percent so it cannot wake up. Solution, disconnect tablet from keyboard. charge up, and power on 2 seconds as normal.

Perhaps it happens when I forgot to close the lid for a long time, and auto Sleep is working. Imagine that if you must set the presentation on a meeting, you prepare computer and put it on table, waiting your turn,  and suddenly it goes off because of Auto Sleep and not wake up when it is your time.

Can we look for Power setting within Windows, and change the automatic Sleep option? Maybe longer time eq 30 minutes to prevent it happens again?