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Оригинальный сообщение: Muhammad Farooqi ,


can you open your camera? if not follow ifixit rear facing camera guide here


on Step 18, dont' remove any of the lcd connector. but touch and try to fix camera cables. (strips). Turn on your phone. and open your camera app (no need to fully reassemble your screen for a while.)

Now when camera is ON, and you can see camera's view on lcd.. try to press camera strips. if you see abrupt behavior of camera... it must be your camera's strips broken.

if nothing changes, remove all LCD connectors from step 18 to 23 following that guide. i mentioned above.

and remove camera's connector.. remove camera out.. try to adjust it's strips from end to end. fix it back.. connect all connectors and check again. if anything change or not...

If it is fine. Thanks GOD or else.. you need to order a new camera for 5s from any online store. I use AliExpress you may use any one.. ebay or some other store.