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Оригинальный сообщение: Zazu Responde ,


Hi there, ppl.

So i finally managed to find an affordable mid 2012 (3720QM processor) board for my faulty mid 2010  Macbook Pro. This model (all computers were affected) came out with a faulty graphics chip (Geforce 330M) that made the computer crash every now and then, and more often after stressing the chip over the years, and recently become unusable, to a point that i had to install an app called "gfxstatus" to prevent it from switching to the discrete card because it instantly crashed.

I've been reading that the graphics cable doesn't fit well, that it does, that i have to change it, that i have to apply force... My panel is one of those anti-glare HD displays and i've read something about them too, but i couldn't find out why. My idea was to tear open the lcd and change the 2010 model cable with the 2012 one the board needs. As far as i know, the connection the panels have are the same, but the board connections are not. Am i right? What else can you say in this regard? If i indeed need a new cable, where can i find it for a good price?

I've also heard that the battery, even if it has the same form factor, the connection is different too (thanks, apple, those %#*@ connectors). In this case, can i find a way to adapt the old connector to the new board or do i need to buy a whole new battery? Again, if i need to, where can i find a trustworthy one?

Thanks guys. I'll post my experiences and maybe some pics.