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Оригинальный сообщение: Danielle ,


After screen replacment, screen touch malfunction once placed in case


My company has replaced quite a few 7 and 7 Plus screens lately.  3 of which have come back for a warranty because the touch was lagging.  Today, we tested a screen the user was having an issue with and it worked, as did the replacement screen we put on for her satisfaction of having a new screen.  Once placed back in her protective Skinit case (pretty basic back-only case) it began acting up intermittently.  Out of the case, fine, back in, issues.  The other two warranties have not come back to report other issues, but both had similar case and identical issues.

Anyone had this experience, or tested the touch function back and forth with and without a case?  And if so, what could possibly be causing this issue?


iPhone 7 Plus