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Оригинальный сообщение: Minho ,


Based on your comments, I would suggest that you have a poor quality replacement screen. The "already-installed" small parts (front camera and sensors) will be even poorer quality. Your original idea that it was the FCAM assembly was good but now that you have isolated it, I think it is just the backlight that is draining too much current.

Put back your original screen to test. If it is not draining the battery, then the problem is the replacement screen assembly.

As for TouchID, as you noted, you have to migrate the original button. You may have damaged the very fragile flex cable or the Home Button extension flex cable (that runs underneath the LCD shield plate). Do a thorough visual inspection, preferably with magnification. It only takes a tiny tear to render the Touch ID useless. Depending on the tear, it may be possible or not to repair.