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I had the same problem as the first poster. 2007 Core2Duo Macbook worked fine on AC and from charged battery, but did not charge the battery. The same battery, charged in another Macbook, worked and lasted for 4 hours. The problematic Macbook still recognized the battery, with System Profiler showing the full charge capacity (4500 mAh), percentage remaining, and charge cycles. Even though it cannot charge the battery, it still shows the full charge capacity even when the battery is fully drained.

Just had a very big problem with the battery. I had charged it in another Macbook, and was using it in the problematic Macbook. It lasted for about 4 hours before being fully drained. I was out of town and at that point I used the Macbook plugged into AC.

When I got home, I went to charge the drained battery in another Macbook, but to my surprise I found that the battery was completely dead. Would not charge and showed 0 full charge capacity. Power cords check out fine. The 2nd Macbook is able to charge its own battery just fine.

Do you think there is any connection between the non-charging problem and killing the battery? It was an excellent battery, with high full charge capacity and lasted for 4 hours. From one day to the next, it just died.

P.S. I have seen external battery chargers on eBay, but do not know how well they work. You take your battery out of the Macbook (or Powerbook) and charge it outside the computer. The AC cord plugs into the wall and has a connector that mirrors the layout of the battery connector on the battery (the part that goes into the battery connector in the battery bay).

I too thought of changing the Battery Connector, but had hoped to hear some positive feedback on this before doing so.