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Оригинальный сообщение: Reece ,


You probably cut the trackpad cable slightly when removing the battery to access the keyboard, which is easy to do. This will cause the trackpad to not work and high fan spin (since there is a sensor in the trackpad). With the keyboard, did you test the keyboard before fitting it? It could be faulty. Also check the keyboard cable since a lot of people damage this when trying to plug it in, since there is not a lot of space to insert the cable in the connector.

I have heard some people mention the keyboard not working if the trackpad has an issue, but I have only seen this happen on the 2015 models, not earlier. This could be the case with your one however, so sort out the trackpad issue first and then check it out.

With the screen issue, take a video and upload it to the question so we can see this for ourselves and advise.