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There are 4 screws at the base of the steering column that typically come loose.  Disassembly of the steering column is necessary.

1st - Remove the steering wheel by loosening the nut under the horn button; then use a steering wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off of the splined hub.

2nd - Remove the steering wheel lock plate by using the lock plate puller tool to press the lock plate down; then remove the retaining ring.

3rd - Carefully remove the turn signal cancel cam; turn signal switch; key switch and plastic collar.

4th - Remove the steering column pivot pins.  There is a special too for this job.

5th - You should now have access to the 4 loose bolts.  They use an external torx head.  Remove the bolts, one by one;  apply threadlocker to the threads, then reinstall bolts.

This is the basic run down (from memory) of the job, there may be some additional (simple) steps.  A good tech can knock one out in under 45 mins, however, if this is your first one; take your time and allow several hours for this job.

This problem does not only affect c/k trucks.  Any GM vehicle with tilt wheel during the 80s through the mid 90s (before SRS) suffer this problem.  It is common, and I have fixed many myself.