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Оригинальный сообщение: Minho ,


iPad has very thin "cracks" along the edge of the LCD...but not really


This iPad has a dead zone on the left edge of the digitizer, about 5 mm from the edge. I proceeded to do a standard digitizer repair but when I opened it up, I noticed these very small and thin (hairline) "cracks" along the edge of the LCD. You don't really notice them with digitizer in place because it obscures the black edge trim so there is only 1-2 mm of these cracks available for view and the screen is usually cruddy with fingerprint smudges.

I looked under the microscope and very gently probed the cracks. They don't appear to interfere with the actual display and they seem to be more of a gap in the protective film of the LCD than anything else (on the underside of the film). Otherwise, the digitizer and the LCD are not damaged. The LCD displays perfectly, even under the "cracks". This device was repaired before (cracked digi) but was working perfectly for the last year.

My concern is that these will spread to the point of nuisance or worse. If that happens sooner than later, I want the customer to understand the risks before spending more money on this device.

Coincidentally, this is the same edge that has the digitizer dead zone. Has anyone seen this before and any ideas on what could have caused it?




iPad 4 GSM