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Yes I see your picture and they have a replacement on ebay.



I put in a picture of the cord and the ebay link.

This would bring your cooker up to original CSA  /UL code.

Philscbx  has an idea to just replace the whole thing with an extension cord, cut the female end off connect it to the wires and you are back in business. The hole left from removing the plug  poses the problem of not making  the new cord secure in the large hole. It needs a proper hole a proper strain relief to hold your extension. Most extension cords are not sized for a heating device nor rated for a heating appliance. Inside the unit is fiber coated heat resistant stranded as well. Your attachment crimps have to be chrome or they will just burn off. You have to determine which conductor is the hot and which is the neutral then find a place for the new cord bond/ground. Your cooker is meant to have a heat resistant insulated cord it has only two prongs. Hooking the hot to the neutral and then you touch the unit, you could electrocute your self. It was CSA/UL approved for one type of cord so messing with this unless you are qualified is serious.

If the extension cord rout is for you. Take it to a repair shop as they should have the correct cord, connecters and plug. I am an industrial electrician and worry about you doing it.

Ok well a repair shop may do this for $50 to $100, not sure if it would be done correct but probably ok. You see this cord on ebay plus shipping is $25 and I will not worry about you.