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Оригинальный сообщение: Art Blass ,


Kenmore Elite model 110.47789701

suds message flashing, after initiating wash cycle. basket will do a part turn, water will flow in, then a pause,

after a bit the suds message will flash. We use the recommended detergent. There are NO suds. We also use

the clean cycle. In the past I changed the pressure sensor after a F35 fault.  This time I did eventually got a F35 fault after the flashing suds alarm. I installed a new pressure sensor. No change. I ran bleach thru the soap dispenser and ran water during the start wash cycle.  Then it stopped and went into the fault. I then reset power and went to drain/ spin cycle to empty. I did this a number of times to clear out the bleach. I then removed the drain hose and ran water thru it. I then cleaned the basket to pump tube, & cleaned the pump filter. I added water back into the drum & blew into the pressure sensor tube into the drum. I could here water gurgle. I reconnected the tube to the pressure sensor. Now what could it be? A control board?