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Оригинальный сообщение: Foisul Miah ,


Hi Jacob, I have found myself in the similar situation you were in. My samsung s7 bought only 6 months ago (recently found out it's not genuine but made in China) suddenly died after being stuck in a loop for a few hours then making a loud screeching noise after coming back from holiday. It doesn't come on at all or shows it's charging. Plugged into laptop nothing there either. I had really precious images on my phone which Id like back. I'm not great with all the tech stuff so I did hand it into a data recovery company, they told me they are able to get my data back from the internal chip and charged me ALOT of money  but after told me they couldn't get the data, I lost 100s of pounds. I'm not sure if they even made a good attempt. I don't know what to do from here, I'm losing hope and worried who to trust. Or is it just better just to give up. The company you posted seems to be in a foreign launguage is there a way to change it to English?

Many thanks