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Side Clips Not Holding on Replacement Screen


Searched everywhere and could not find anyone talking about this iPhone 6 screen replacement issue...

Checked the phone for bends or warping but it appears to be perfectly flat and no dented corners.

Replaced the screen but it does not lock into the side clips on either side.

Top fits snugly into the frame, bottom holds on with the pentelobe screws, but the sides are not grabbed by the side clips and so the sides have a gap and you can even see the backlight leaking out.

I am talking about the two double clips on the left side and the one double and one single clip on the right.

What can be done about this?  Any way to bend the clips in the frame to make them have more tension?  Or a way to bend the clips on the frame without cracking the screen?

Any insights greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


iPhone 6