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Оригинальный сообщение: Narasimha Reddy ,


Brand: Panasonic, Model: NR-BU343SS1N (Freezer at Bottom, Frost Free type)

Problem: water overflows and ice formation  at bottom of freezer compartment at left rear side. accumulating every day.

attempt 1: ice removed, drain pipe checked , some part of condenser pushed towards rear side to avoid spillage out side etc and boxed up

problem not solved.

attempt 2: fridge levelled but problem not solved

attempt 3: searched on internet where it is mostly pointing towards drain pipe chokage or mysteriously problem not getting solved ; but when inspected again after 2 days of keeping the fridge power off with doors open. I have poured lot of water inside the tray to check chokage but no choakage was found.

Hence probable causes were listed out.

1) design problem (It was ruled out,  as it was working  for 4 years flawless)

2) Drain pipe chokage

3) Drain collection tray (below condenser, inside fridge from where drain pipe starts) crack

4) Dislocated drain collection tray

5) Dislocated condenser tubes from design centre

Further it was observed the lowest point on sides of drain tray  (from where it can overflow) is at centre, but ice formation was at left rear side, that means it is not the tray overflow due to its drain pipe chokage.

Hence a bottle with 6 inch hose pipe was prepared and water was sprayed at different locations over the condenser tubes. It was observed that whenever  water is sprayed towards rear,  the seepage was observed from left. when the condenser pulled towards front the seepage stopped. Hence the condensed was misaligned, so its alignment was done so that it stays at center (expected design center) of drain tray (drain tray size is larger than condenser spillage area during heating cycle of defrosting) at this condition fridge was boxed up- now the problem is solved.

It was under observation for 5 weeks and the problem was not repeated.