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I am Thinking of swapping LB from mid 2012 MBP (non Retina) to early 2011 MBP.  Early 2011 MBP had GPU issues  and Apple already changed my LB once for free.



A Year ago the machine died again, but the timeline for free repair was already closed. Ever since its been gathering dust since I read that the problem with the GPU will probably reappear no matter how many  times the LB is changed. The possibility to upgrade the prosessor to 2.7GHz (I think 2.7GHz is the highest on 2012 non retina MBP:s?) and all the other goodies on newer LB made me look into this again

Few questions if someone finds the time:

Has anyone had GPU issues with their chainged mid 2012 LB:s on their 2011 MBP:s?

Is there some difference in the design of 2012 LB so that it avoids the problems of the 2011 LB:s dying GPU:s?

Is there way to tell if the LB:s bought from [] or ebay etc...  are new or already reballed or refurbished? I read something about soldering going from silvery to goldenish/yellowish when reballed?

Experienses on used LB:s? Should I only invest to a new one?

Can someone who got good, still working LB from taobao or other webshop give the sellers name?