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My sister gave me an iPad air that was stuck in this sort of "Error 9" loop.  She told me something about it freezing during and update and now, this.  I messed with it for weeks, googling and reading and even got close to paying for a few (likely scam) programs that promised to fix it.  Then I came across this useless youtube video


And for the first time in my adult life, a YouTube comment actually had value.  Mr Jose Brun suggests to '''plug something into the headphone jack while performing a restore through iTunes'''.  Like any of you, I rolled my eyes.  But also, it's easier than taking it apart and looking for hardware to fix.

It worked.  I honestly barely believe it myself, but the iPad is back and working.  So if you're tinkering with this kind of problem and your iOS device still has a 1/8 inch connector, plug something into it and see if that fixes it.

If anyone out there knows why the heck this worked, I'd love to know.