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Оригинальный сообщение: Jonathan Wang ,


I really don't think this is a software problem. I have a couple lines. And God bless your phone, I have never seen one that bad. Yes a couple, around 2 to 4 lines, not like yours. Have you tried pressurizing or rubbing the bottom of the screen right below where your green lines end? The lines should sort of flicker. I can somehow turn mines off sometimes doing that, I'm guessing it kind of relieves the pressure gap between the display and the chip inside. I think this is mainly a cause of how the screen display is somewhat too close the the motherboard or chips inside.

There is a youtube video of someone putting a ear swab stick somewhere between display and chip. Here is youtube link. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9KLurLGEps) I wouldn't recommend you doing it since I wouldn't do it myself either. I have never opened up a smartphone before.

I would at least recommend you try rubbing and putting very little pressure to the bottom of your screen, right below the lines or right below the circle and square button. Hopefully some will go away or become lighter. Other than that yeah you might as well call Motorola or a turbo 2 repair store can fix it hopefully.

I'm facing the random battery turn for now where the battery drains really fast and also turns off at random percentages. Sometimes around 50% and sometimes even around 80%.

Well good luck with yours.