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I have Macbook Air A1370 (MacbookAir4.1, High Sierra)

I had to replace an original nearly dead battery with the replacement I bought on eBay.

I received A1495 battery instead of A1406 supposed for my Mac (even it was advertised as compatible)

When I replaced the battery the system became extremely slow, but as it was in another country it was very hard and costly to return/exchange battery.

'''Finally I found a solution.'''

You have to delete one plist file from your system.

You may find the solution here:

google => macbook-pro-running-slow-battery-fix

To be able to delete a plist you may have to disable SIP.

Saved me a lot of time and money :-)

P.S. I also tried to update SMC, but I didn't find a solution for High Sierra as an update mentioned earlier doesn't work on High Sierra and I'm not sure the SMC on my Mac is up to date.