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Оригинальный сообщение: Carina Lea ,


I just fixed mine with the same problem!  I could not get the remote to operate the firestick and unfortunately the Wifi was not connected yet so I could not yet use my phone App.

Turned out my remote was not working.

Here is how to work around it:

I borrowed another remote to get the firestick online.

How to Pair a new remote to a firestick:

So you get to the input/screen on your tv where you can view the firestick.

Make sure to put in fresh new batteries in the new/borrowed remote or you might deive yourself crazy!

1. unplug the power to the fire stick. Wait 10seconds

2. Re-plug the power to the firestick.  Watch the firestick boot up on your screen

3.  Press select (middle round button) and home button at the same time - I had to hold mine for 45 seconds; I got a message that a new remote was connected!

Then you can get your firestick online with Wifi - then just start using your phone