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Оригинальный сообщение: Matthew NILSSON ,


Can I removed my DVD Drive and replace into a MXM in a 15"MacBook Pro?


Hi everyone,

So one day I noticed that my friend's dented and old 13" MacBook Pro was lightning fast doing all these everyday tasked. Then I asked him why it's so fast and he told my he upgraded his laptop by removing his DVD Drive and adding 2 250GB SSD's in his laptop and boosted up from 4GB of ram to 8GB. I'm already planning to buy a Samsung 500GB SSD and 8GB of Ram. But I don't really need 2 SSD's as 500GB is way more then enough for me. So I wondered what else can I do with removing the DVD Drive as frankly, it's quite a lot of space to work with. Then I did my homework and found things called MXM's. I kept searching around and found this person doing exactly what I'm doing but in a PC Laptop and was successful.


(The Forum he posted)


(This Image is how I found about this person doing exactly what I'm doing. Found it in Google Images.)

Then I started searching around if anyone else has done this in a MacBook Pro or iMac and nothing was found (Except in Mac Pro's but they don't really count in my opinion as they're so customisable) .


But then I found this Forum and one person respond with "I don't think there would be space for an MXM slot in a MacBook Pro". But the person which asked the question didn't say he's removing his DVD Drive like myself. So does that mean I can fit a MXM in my Laptop with the DVD Drive fully removed and replicate like what the person did with his PC Laptop?

The only problem is I'm not 100% sure is if my laptop has a PCI or PCI-E Slot for the MXM. But I found this website:


Additionally, if there is no PCI or PCI-E Slot (hopefully not) I can maybe add one because eGPU's make a PCI or PCI-E Slot through the Thunderbolt and it's maybe possible to make one.

Even if there is a PCI or PCI-E Slot and it's in a weird location I can just use a Ribbon Cable to help me with that.


Lastly, to cool the MXM down when it gets hot. I can fit this fan into my laptop on top of the MXM as MXM's are very thin:


I know it's not the best fan. But I know it can do the job. But if it does get very hot, I'll put a warning signal in my computer to warm me about my MXM getting to hot and I'll turn my Laptop off to give it time to cool down.

MXM's: http://www.eurocom.com/ec/vgas(1)ec

By the way, I live in Hong Kong where there a ton of shops with Professional Soldering Equipment. Also another one of my Friends have a Soldering Iron and Oven and he says he knows how to solder. So if there's any Soldering necessary there are those 2 options to help me.

I will do anything it takes to make this successful! So if any really difficult is needed to be done to make this a success. I will do it! So please don't hesitate to reply even if it's a difficult process to do.

Any replies would be very highly appreciated!


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011