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[https://www.ifixit.com/User/408812/Dan|@Dan] - I've got a question about some of the information you've posted.  Background: I have a mid-2011 21.5" iMac.  In Disk Utility, the hard drive (factory-original Seagate ST3500418AS, 500GB) reports S.M.A.R.T. status as "failing."  In researching how to properly replace the HD, I've seen all the discussion (here and elsewhere) about the proprietary temperature sensing firmware etc. that was added in the 2011 iMacs.

In your comments above, you mention a couple times that replacing the factory HDD with a SSHD would not require the OWC in-line sensor cable ("get a SSHD that has the builtin sensor and gives you similar performance of a SSD" -- 1/6/2015; "the SSHD has the needed built-in thermal sensor (you won't need the OWC cable)" -- 1/6/2015).  But then elsewhere, you say that even with an SSHD, you'll still need the OWC in-line sensor cable ("Don't forget you'll need the OWC in-line sensor if you go with the SSHD!" -- 9/16/2017; "You still need the OWC in-line thermal sensor cable." -- 9/16/2017).

I'm not trying to call you out at all...I'm just confused--which is it?  Could you clarify for those of us that might be in this situation?  Are there any SSHD's that '''do''' have a built-in sensor and appropriate firmware, such that no OWC cable is required?  If so, do you know which brands/models are suitable?  I am trying to avoid buying the OWC cable if possible, given the somewhat steep price for such a small part ($40+).  I would much rather spend that extra money on a larger/faster disk drive that already has a built-in thermal sensor.

Thanks in advance!