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You can connect using just your laptop. Download mobomarket for android on your PC. http://www.mobomarket.net/ Download adbLink 2.04 for Windows: http://jocala.com/ Connect your firetv cord to the usb port on your laptop instead of power. Mobomarket and adblink should recognize your firestick. Select remote on adbLink. That's how you will navigate your firetv. Use left/right and select to navigate. Select Full Screen in Mobomarket under the tools tab. That's how you will see the homepage of the firestick. You will have to keep refereshing the full screen button to see where you're navigating by closing and opening it. It only shows screenshots of your firetv display. Try to navigate to firetv settings and network connection. Select your phone's hotspot and don't use a password. Once your firetv is online, download the official remote for kodi and add host, find kodi.