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If your Android pops a notice "unfortunately launcher has stopped working* and you push OK but the notice has frozen your phone or tablet you may be hacked, infected with a virus or something other than the real App? Because every other notice that stops working, when you hit OK it leaves the screen for awhile so you can go into your settings?  There's still another way, if you press your up volume and on/off button at the same time a a sub screen comes up ( my Alcatel 4.4 is blue and mine wouldn't work, but this helps a lot of users). Once it comes up use the volume keys to navigate or scroll to get into settings. You are going to have to factory reset your phone. I have done this before and never ran a backup with my Google acct. and they saved everything anyway. If you can't get that sub screen? Try navigating around the notice while tapping the OK key. That's how I finally got into my settings. Just because you downloaded an App from the Google Play Store, dies not make it safe from malware, Adware or spyware. And FYI Google changed the OPT out AD version to accept ads so we can get free Apps. They are embedded in the Apps? The Ads are set to our browsing preferences and history. My phone didn't come with any security  just remember your phone is 10x's more vulnerable than your computer!