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Оригинальный сообщение: Gary Holesak ,


I was using my Craftman #316.711023  weed whacker to do normal trimming.  After using it for about 15 minutes...not over working it....not just continually gunning it at full speed.....just normal use.....when all of a sudden the cutting head assembly started wobbling & smoking.    I then noticed the cutting head was melted and that was why it started wobbling.   I think the bearings right above the cutting head got too hot.   Nowhere in my owners manual does it say anything about cleaning or lubing the bearings.

I think this model has a defect because this is the 2nd cutting head assembly I am going to have to replace.    Last year it did the same thing.....I just didn't realize WHY it happened.   This was only the second time I've used the trimmer this season.    We have a 3/4 acre yard so I shouldn't be over working it.   THERE IS DEFINITELY A DEFECT!!!