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michelle, you did not tell us what the iPod does. It all shows up on the LCD etc. Starts up okay? Does not charge and is not recognized could originate from your dock connector. First make sure that you have a good USB cable. Then make sure that you plug your ipod into a USB port that comes directly of the motherboard. no Hub  or anything. Also try to charge your ipod on a wall charger. Sometimes when the battery is to depleted it will not accept a charge and will not be recognized by your computer. So that would be a good thing to replace. This way you would at least have a good starting point. If this did not resolve the issue, check your dock connector. Make sure that you clean it well and check for corrosion, debris and bents contacts. If so, it can be replaced. PITA and needs soldering. When you have it apart look the logic board over for any corrosion, broken contacts, bad cable connections, bad connectors. I prefer to use a magnifying light for that. After that you can clean the board with isopropyl alcohol (use the 90+% talk to your local pharmacist about it) and a toothbrush and clean the logic board thoroughly. I might have forgotten a step or twp but at least this will give you a start. Good Luck and let us know how it is going and if you need further help.