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Оригинальный сообщение: rob ,


I have done much testing on this manner. there are two pieces to this puzzle that make this an impossible task and a warning for future screen replacements. the two pieces that are matched (excuse my lack of true tech verbiage). the two pieces that are married together are the front camera module and the front ear piece flex from the lcd itself.  any change to these two will render the face id useless. not a hard wipe or a complete reinstall of ios will fix this. treat these two pieces as careful as you would an home button on the i6 and up. make a mistake and there is no turning back. on a side note: turns out that every single lcd for iphone 8, 8+, and x has their own SPECIFIC brightness file stored inside the lcd chip itself. change the screen (either using a actual lcd off another device, replacing with oem product or aftermarket lcd and the brightness will always be dimmer. nothing you could do to fix that if you throw away and misplace the original screen that was there in the first place. they do sell machines that can copy the files from the original lcd so it can be transferred to new screen. but I have yet to see them work reliably.