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@cyrushart5  this sounds like you may have damaged the power button . there are cables connected to the keyboard in this area that connect to the motherboard .[guide|87777|Open the laptop]and check the wiring where the keyboard connects to the motherboard . While your in the computer disconnect the battery while your working on it . This accomplishes  2 things 1 static discharge and 2 clears memory as you cannot physically remove the memory from this as it is soldered to the board.   Now while your in there check the two connectors to the keyboard [https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/IR2YoAF3FhF1cqcN.huge|show in red] You may also want to check the video cable connector in the upper left hand corner of the same pic check the cable for damage and check the connector is still connected properly also follow the wire into the screen by[guide|89121|removing the bezel] check all the wire for breaks and follow it to the back of the screen and check the connection there. Once you've reconnected everything and a satisfied everything is in order hold down the power button on the keyboard for 60 seconds . Then reconnect the battery reassemble the keyboard and bezel , then try to reboot the computer. Hope this helps