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When your Dakota or Durango left the factory, it had a Mopar motor and voltage resister that were compatible with each other.  After 10-15 years the motor wears out , begins to draws more amps burns up the resister. Most people replace the wiring harness and the resister with.  cheap replacement from Autozone / Advanced etc.  Then a couple days later it’s melted again.  Then they buy a aftermarket blower motor and again it keeps burning up.

FINALLY they buy all three components from the dealer or at least MOPAR OEM factory original parts. And then it works, but only for a year and then it burns up again and you say what the F#*@!!!

Even if you use 100% OEM parts it still fails:

The reason is………….For your 2001 to 2011 vehicle MOPAR didn’t make your replacement part.  Oh sure it will say MOPAR on the box and say factory original OEM part,   BUT IT’S NOT!!!!!   It’s made buy a number of after market companys, mostly NAPA.   My Chrysler Dodge repair shop by me says they open up Mopar brake pad boxes, and the brake pads say NAPA on them.

Just the way it is today.  Noboys makes their own parts anymore, mostly China crap.  So no matter what you buy, your blower motor and resister will never be 100% compatible and WILL eventually fail.

Go to a salvage yard, find a low mileage Durango or Dakota and pull the motor and resister and then you will  be good to go.


Only use high speed fan setting for heat and AC.   Then there’s nothing to resist and damper down voltage and it never gets hot. You can even use cheap eBay parts etc.

Sorry, not the perfect fix but it is the truth, I’ve spent 2 years figuring this out