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Phone wouldn't charge; the cable micro-b connector felt loose in the phone when inserted. Took a peek behind the antenna panel; lo and behold, the entire receptacle had begun to lift off the board. All 4 of the solder beads that held the shield down had cracks, 3 of them were completely cracked through, and the solder point for pin 1, Vcc, (left most with screen side down) was no longer connected to the pin. Dammit.

So I spent about 3 hours attempting a repair and finally gave up. No easy way to "repair" the connector without completely removing it and then replacing it. It's just impossible to get any good instrument underneath the shield because of the vibrator- it's exactly in the wrong place, preventing a good look at those solder points even in the first place. (I used a magnifying light along with a high-powered optical microscope light source to see in there).

I desoldered the entire thing, and am living with it while I wait for a lot of the connectors (ebay, http://cgi.ebay.com/10X-Micro-USB-Connector-Repair-HTC-Evo-4G-Smartphone-/160563223923). What I did was solder a small set of leads to pins one and five that extend out a little so I can connect (very gently) something to them (I'm using little teeny obscene connectors-- I don't think I've ever known what they were really called, but they're gold, one looks like a... male part, the other is a hole...) and an old usb cable I cut up. Female side on the cable, male on the phone. I'm keeping a piece of tape over the hole as well to keep those pins from being hit by anyting, as well as help keep dirt/dust/moisture/beer/vodka out of the phone.

My plan is to resolder the pins in the same fashion as the last poster, namely use a heat gun. I'm going to use a heat gun with a highly directional/formed air flow, it's got a much smaller end than most. I'll probably just use the solder station to get the shield put back down. I'm also going to put some hot glue down around the part to help keep it down, especially at each end of the shield (the back part next to the vibrator, and the front part, sealing the connector region).