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Оригинальный сообщение: al johnson ,


I fixed my stihl curved head for bushing seizure / overheat. I removed the plastic head, the orange guard. and the screw holding the bushing assembly (oiling hole). I then pulled the seized assembly  from the tube. The non threaded hex on the black shaft that drives the head was removed from it’s failed knurling retention by drifting from the assembly such that I had the hex in my hand. I drilled and tapped the hex for a 8-32 set screw. I replaced the hex  on the black shaft with adequate (.040”) bushing endplay observed. The (original failure no endplay). Then I took the 1/8” drill sized for tapping through the threaded hole and drilled the shaft .050” deep. I then placed a 8-32 x 3/16” set screw, socket style with a hex allen wrench into the threads with red loctite applied to the threaded hole. To replace the bushing assembly I drilled the trimmer tube with a 1/4’ drill bit for access such that a cabinet straight blade screwdriver could deflect the drive cable to the middle of the tube. This hole was placed 1/4” above where the assembly would be located when assembled. To cover this hole I placed 3M electrical tape around tube followed by a  #12 screw hose clamp over the tape. A temporary fix for this type of failure would be to drift the bare shaft up into the hex below the  bushing for .040” endplay, and use a blade style head that never needs to be tapped for line extension. Tapping the head on the ground drives the hex upward while the flex drive is pushing the shaft down during operation, resulting in seizure of endplay.  This occurs easily under continued loads of tall grass or weeds.

Stihl USA rarely sells this service shaft/bushings assembly.