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Оригинальный сообщение: Raymond Robbins ,



Check out Relentless Tactical, I had trouble finding a holster for my Sig P-210 TGT and I was able to find an IWB holster that fits like a glove and is concealable even with the  enlarged target grips (limited movement in my hands now). The quality is great and they are made in a family owned business here in the USA.  Have you contacted Falco directly? There is a time delay between emails due to their location in eastern Europe but they are helpful and aim to please, I bought a few holsters for Kimbers and FNs direct from the shop, they came well within their stated delivery which was a week earlier than purchasing from a third party. The price was great for what I wanted (IWB, OWB), the quality is excellent, and they have a good sales staff that would help meeting your needs. Hope this helps.