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Оригинальный сообщение: Matt ,


Blu ray not responding what so ever


I have an original ps4. The blu ray drive is not responding what so ever. If I try & insert a disc, nothing! If I force feed the disc in, nothing! The only thing it will do is 3 beeps from the eject button but nothing else works. Wiring all looks fine & the flat ribbon cable is brand new, the blu ray internals all good as well (including that little white piece that has a tendency to pop out)

I'm completely stumped though why it's not responding what so ever & I can't find an answer anywhere. I also know IF the logic board isn't the one ‘married’ to the ps4 that the blu ray should still respond & at least try reading the disc or accept/eject discs

Hope someone can help or give me an answer!


PlayStation 4