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Оригинальный сообщение: Philip Le Riche ,


Does the lens extend normally? I suspect not. The lens contains a couple of motors (possbly more) and several sensors to detect the motion they produce. If what one of the sensors tells the camera is inconsistent with what the camera is commanding the motors to do, on many cameras it will display “Lens error”, but it sounds like on yours it simply tells you to turn it off and on again. If the lens does extend normally it could be a problem with the focus motor.

Unfortunately, to be realistic, there is very little you cn do about this type of fault, assuming it’s not an obvious loose connection (unlikey). Your best hope would be to look out for another camera of the same model on eBay, sold as “spares or repair”, which you should be able to pick up very cheaply, but with a different fault, and swap the lens over.