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Оригинальный сообщение: Ed Beckett ,


Touch Screen Not Responding


Hi Guys, I have a friend’s 6s Plus that has had a screen replacement and is now not responding to touch. The iPhone was initially repaired at a local phone shop, although it only cost my friend £60 and therefore I assume that it was either a cheaper aftermarket screen or it was not a full replacement. However, after a while, it either stopped responding to touch and was then cracked again or the other way around (my friend is unsure). The phone shop will not repair it for free and are saying that it will cost about £100? Hence why I have the phone. Furthermore, somebody else has taken this phone apart since it stopped working and then it worked for a few days… Is it just a case of replacing with an OEM part or is this a board issue? I have read that it may just be a flex cable or the damage to the screen has caused it to not respond to touch but I am worried that it may be the connectors on the board being damaged…


iPhone 6s Plus