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Before taking any conclusions you must disassembly the screen and take a look what it looks like on the inside.

1 - Check if the flex cable is still conected.

2- If it is conected try a new screen or a old one that you are sure that is working.

3- If doens’t work check for dammaged conector or components (capacitors,diode,etc) around the touch screen conector.

4-If everthings ok maybe you’re facing a Touch iC issue. Then you need someone with the skills and the tools to do the job.

Answering your question about OEM parts,i can only tell you about my experience. I neved had any problems working with not original iPhone parts,I installed many iPhone 6s screens not original ones most part and never had this kind of problem caused by a bad part so i thinks is unlekely.

And if the repair shop charged you 100$ without aven disassemble the phone and had done a complete diagnosis i would say find yourself another professional to take care of your phone.