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I had a similar issue.  Here is the long story.  On day 3 of having iphone i dropped the phone and cracked the screen.  Went cheap route and got screen replaced at a fixit place.  Worked great for probably a year.  Then one day started getting touch id not available errors.  From that day the battery drained real fast.  Didnt notice it hot but battry wouldnt last but about 8hrs even in stanby with airplane mode on.  Took to several fixit shops they said couldnt fix it. Apple first first replaced battery which didnt help.  They dont just fix the button but if you get a screen replacement they also changeout the home button and he said camera as well.  After that working great.  If it happens again i would just get the screen replaced again since it is more of a complete replacement and im sure i have clicked the home button has been pressed couple thousand times.  Things wear out.