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Оригинальный сообщение: Thomas Haberkorn ,


Got it to work, thank you! This time disassembling, i also took the GSM-module out and checked it. Having found nothing looking damaged, after assembling i checked the functionality of connector No. 7 like this: IPhone switched on and keeping the display tilted open, i disconnected No.7 and reconnected it. The reception display did change from "no network" to "1 bar, no network name". So i figured the problem couldn't be the connector itself cause the connecting-procedure did have some result (although not desired). But: after i flashed the OS from itunes (i had a jailbreaked version before because i thought the new battery would work with it), i got full reception and my familiar network name back.   I'm glad it came out that way, although having improved nothing. I learned a lot disassembling the thing.

I trusted IFIXIT for being a (supposedly) big retailer and therefore being expert enough that something like "battery rejection" doesn't occur. So i thought i was playing safe by paying (relatively) high shipping cost. I'm going to get a new battery from a more local source.

But, I have to praise IFIXIT for this forum, fast and competent help!

Thank you all,