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Оригинальный сообщение: Tanya Chachanova ,


Ya, it's Can do it. 1st need all parts remove. 2nd genteelly undo cpu hold screws and GPU hold one.

Heatsink surfaces are really rough finish, you’ll LOL. cuz Shanghai assembler put on tooooo much thermal grease.

CPU had remove socket by donkey grease.  Really careful remove it. never vend socket pin. If vend 10 or more,

logic  board will gone.

Remove old dried grease , then paste  high-end one. Set 7700K, first boot during max rev fan. never mind.

remake Apple Nvme + SSD’s fusion drive and reinstall you like Mac OS X. OS X make and compile for i7.

Well, it’s easy to PC/AT self made one. Not easy to what is this something flat one?

Please think twice. it’s all-right. may-be.  but it’s not so hard but take a long time. yes, long time.