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Many theories are circulating around and from what I've heard there's two main ways to fix it.

1)  Remove any disk from the console if there is one. Power off the console and give it some time to shut down. If you're as impatient as I am, this is the worst part. After it has fully turned off, turn it on by using the power button (NOT the eject button) and wait for the xbox 360 to go to it's home page. Take your time putting in a disk and it should work. Treat the console like a really old PC (like Windows Vista for example) and let the system take it's sweet sweet time booting up. This should work (I'm getting ready to try this method myself because I'm tired of resorting to option #2), which brings me to option #2.

2) Last Resort. Respectfully show the console who the owner is. This includes methods such as: continuously opening and closing the tray if it won't read a disk, beating (semi-softly) the top/sides of the console itself while it's trying to read the disk, and manually (with little effort) pulling the disk tray back and forth while also pressing the consoles eject button multiple times. The only problem with beating the console is it could lead the console to further damage and creates a bit of noise. The problem with continuously trying to eject the tray is that it only work a fifth of the time, if it works at all. The last option should be exactly that, your last option. It's a good stress relief to pull the disk tray back and forth a few dozen times, but this too rarely works.

I hope this helps anyone who needs it, and use these steps to your own risk, it's called Last Resort for a reason . . .